Daily Creativity Challenge

'You must do the things you think you cannot do.' -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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These scars define me,

Worn as my uniform,

So all will know, and all will see,

That my scars are mine to bare

"How did you get this way? How can you be so cruel?"

Cancer destroys entire ecosystems and communities.

Just like it destroyed me.

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I burrow down into the couch cushions

Face the window

Just beyond the barrier are trees

Poking holes into the overcast sky

Life occurs just beyond the glass pane

It happens every second of everyday

And while I sit, observe and say

“Maybe, I’ll hide from the world, if I may.”

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The pressure weighs down onto my shoulders

Burrows deep under the blades

Crawls down along my spine

And settles in

The anxiety of failure and disaster lines my veins

Pushes blood from my heart through body faster

The waves of adrenaline follow the flow

Steady hands shake once more

The monster inside my head

Speaks for me, persuades my body to react

I welcome it like a guardian angel

Together we pull off success

I soak in the bath,

The parasite boils up through my skin

Melts down into the water

Falls down the drain in the whirlwind

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We are lost in all the city lights

Sparkling bright miles away as we fly in

Landing gear drops down

The flaps on the wings crawl up

Eagerly picking out familiar skyscrapers,


Ten minutes until home

The city opens up and welcoming

Five minutes until home

Driving along the familiar route home

The streets twist from the darkness

Lined by the very city lights leading me home

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Every second and every minute it passes while a replacement looms in the future

The history and future balance just for a moment

Then a second later

The moment is gone and the cycle repeats


Travel by car, bus, or airplane miles from east to west

Gain an hour by crossing an invisible line

From one state to the next

From one time zone to another


It is wasted with procrastination

It speeds up and is wasted during times of happiness

It slows down every pressing second of anticipation

I yearn for more time

Yet I spend it without consequence

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A tornado is born from conflicting crosswinds

They dance entwined with one another

When houses become weightless like plastic bags

Fly miles relocated to a foreign land

I am that plastic bag

The tornado sends me across time and space

Wherever I land, I need to be ready to plant my roots.

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